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About Us




 Welcome to Augie by Carrie Jewelry. I create handmade crystal gemstone and nature inspired jewelry. Created for all the dreamers, faeries, nature lovers and adorners of raw crystals.

My design process is intuitevly sparked by nature, colour and texture. Each gemstone, piece of material and inspiration has a purpose or meaning.  I enjoy pushing the boundries mixing various materials and mediums together. I start out with what speaks to my inner heart and as I create the story unfolds into a wearable piece of art.

How it Started . .   .

 It all started when I was in grade 9. I was able to choose 1 of 3 courses as my own personal elective. I could choose from music, art or home economics. At this point I had no idea of my artistic talent. I chose art. I continued with art class throughout highschool and even went into a 3 year Graphic Art and Design course in college. During all that time my father had become quite ill and after he passed away I took a break from it as I found it hard to be creative. During this hiatus from creativity I was a passenger in a car accident and was off work for about 6 months.  While I was healing personally and physically I started learning about gemstones and began crafting.  This had become my personal therapy. I started taking apart curtain decorations and other items people gave me and made jewelry out of it. My love of art turned into another form of creating and my passion for jewelry design came to be.

I started it more as a hobby and making gifts for people when needed. People started asking me to make things for them.  Now here I am 8 years later I had decided I wanted to pursue it full time and have it become more prominent in my daily life.  Augie by Carrie Jewelry was developed.

I get asked where Augie comes from. The name Augie was my father's nickname because of our last name and he was my biggest supporter in my artistic talent. It was my way of paying tribute to him and my individuality. 

Creativity is my passion and there is nothing more I like to do than inspire someone with my work wether its repurposing materials into a new design or creating a piece with that special gemstone that speaks to their heart.